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When your Child is a Picky Eater…Hang in There!

Selective eating is a normal behavior in toddlers from ages 2-3. It can also occur in adults. A picky eater is a child with a limited or very selective range of food choices. They refuse to try a variety of food or are persistent in eating the same food that may need more nutrients. They
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A Ray of Hope for Struggling Exhausted Mothers

Motherhood is a tireless job that consumes the mother physically and mentally. New children bring parents a feeling of joy, along with enormous responsibility. The health of the mother takes a hit from pregnancy in varying ways. Postpartum Depression Postpartum depression (PPD) is one condition after childbirth that impacts maternal health. It can also affect pediatric

Why Childcare Services Are Unaffordable for Working Mothers

For many working mothers in the United States, the skyrocketing cost of childcare is a significant threat to their professional success and financial stability. According to Child Care Aware of America, center-based infant care in the US costs more than $14,000 annually on average. This sum exceeds many colleges’ and universities’ yearly tuition. Because of this expense,

Preparing for Toddler Tantrums

Toddlers are in a class of their own, and while there is no way to guarantee they will cooperate, you can prevent a minor situation from turning into a full-blown meltdown. Transitioning from infancy to childhood is difficult. Here are ways you can start preparing for toddler tantrums. Consistent Schedules While life happens, keeping your
A child showing signs of a behavioral disorder

Signs that Your Child Has Behavioral Disorders

Parents’ last wish is to discover their child has developmental delays. While some developmental delays reveal physical or genetic disorders, other developmental delays indicate behavioral disorders. Behavioral disorders reflect environmental factors, whereas mental or neurological disorders reflect genetic or medical factors. How do you determine your child has behavioral disorders? You will need to visit
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Affordable Daycare

As the United States attempts to bounce back from the economic decline of the pandemic, many parents that lost employment are trying to get back to work. As a parent, your number one need is to provide for your family. How could you possibly bear the burden of daycare? Today parents are contemplating whether or