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Introducing Table Manners to your Infant

Table manners are a part of social etiquette and healthy habits. But how can parents introduce table manners, such as handwashing, into an infant’s routine? Here is your guide to introducing table manners to your infant. Start Early Before your baby starts eating solid foods, you can familiarize them with handwashing by wiping their hands

The Crucial Role of Preschool in Developing a Child’s Social Skills

These Crucial Years The preschool years are an important time in a child’s development, laying the groundwork for their social skills. This article explores how preschool can make or break a child’s social skills, examining the key factors and their lasting impact on a child’s life. Here we will discuss the crucial role of preschool

Preparing Older Children for a New Baby

If your child is anything like most children, they will probably be stoked one day about a new baby or worried the next. While a new baby is exciting, a brother or sister may not understand the changes ahead. They may see the baby as an addition to their self-centered view, or they will be

Raising the Alpha Generation

Observe the Alpha generation. Succeeding Gen Z, who ends the alphabet, there are no letters to index succeeding generations, so a new era begins. Gen Z started in the 20th century and concluded their arrival in the dawning years of the 2nd Millenium. The Alpha generation is the first generation kept within the confines of

Creative Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork

Your child is Picasso, and you need somewhere to hang their prolific artwork. While scratches, scribbles, and discarded work can go in the trash, you need somewhere to cherish their keepsakes. Some artwork may find its way onto your iPhone, a keepsake box, or a well-placed frame in your home, while others end up stashed