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Leaving your Infant Overnight

Leaving your infant overnight can be a significant step, and it’s natural to have concerns. It is not recommended to leave newborns for more than an hour, but there are ways you can prepare your baby for long absences when they go to daycare in the months ahead. Overnight stays are recommended once your little one is at least four months old. Here are some tips and considerations for leaving your baby for more than a day:

Choose a Familiar Caregiver

When deciding who will care for your baby, opt for someone familiar. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or regular nannies your child knows well are better choices than new babysitters. Consider having the caregiver come to your home rather than taking your baby to their house. Familiar surroundings can help your child feel more secure.

Maintain Your Baby’s Routine 

Share detailed information about your baby’s likes, dislikes, and daily activities with the caregiver. If possible, keep your baby on their usual routine to minimize stress. However, remember that minor deviations from the routine won’t harm your child. 

Ideal Age for Overnight Stays

The sweet spot for overnight stays is typically between 4 and 9 months of age. Before four months, babies may still be perfecting breastfeeding and waking up frequently at night. Waiting too long (beyond nine months) may lead to separation anxiety.

Stay Connected

Leave an information sheet with instructions and your baby’s schedule. Include phone numbers for the pediatrician, neighbors, nearby friends, and other support people who can assist if needed. Stay in contact while you’re away—plan to check in and communicate at specific times. If possible, arrange FaceTime. This lets them know you still exist. Children lack awareness of their parent’s existence in these times unless they see them. Seeing your face before bed or at the beginning of the day can set the right tone.

Positive Goodbyes

Keep goodbyes short and cheerful. Let your baby know you’re leaving, reassure them that their caregiver will take good care of them, express your love, and promise you’ll return.

Consider Your Infant’s Specific Needs

Remember that every child is unique, so consider their temperament and developmental stage when leaving them overnight. Trust your instincts; choose what feels suitable for you and your family. Consult your pediatrician or healthcare provider for concerns or questions about leaving your infant overnight. Always prioritize safety and follow professional advice when deciding on your child’s care.

Tender Loving Care

At Triangle Learning Center in Raleigh, NC, tender, loving care helps children grow into their most decisive. Our priority is for infants and children to feel loved and cared for as they transition through life away from Mom and Dad. Contact Triangle Learning Center for more details on our daycare and early childhood education programs.



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