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Young Girl In Preschool
When Should my Child Attend an Early Childhood Daycare?

For stay-at-home parents, childcare is not necessarily needed. Giving your child the right start to education is vital though. Are you wondering whether or not to send your child into an early childhood daycare? Every child has different needs. Most kids will need to enter Preschool around the ages of 3 or four, while others may need to enter earlier or later.

Different Milestones Children Hit in Daycare

Each period of a child’s life includes different milestones. For infants, they will learn to trust caretakers. They need to know caretakers can feed, comfort, and provide safety for them. Toddlers will learn autonomy and independence. Their success lies in the ability to control their toileting habits. Preschoolers need a sense of initiative to encourage them to make good choices. Full-time parenting meets some of these needs. Other times, a child may need to attend daycare for maximum development. Below are the different milestones your child will hit and how. 

Infants and Toddlers

  • Newborns to One Year – Infants usually do not need to enter daycare unless their parents work all day. Pediatricians recommend younger infants stay at home with Mom until able to move around. If you are worried about developmental delays, sensory integration, or your child’s need for caretaker attention, you can send your child to an early childhood daycare center. If you cannot let your infant crawl around freely due to your work on, a childhood daycare center is a great way to introduce your baby to the world around them. Babies are naturally curious and need lots of attention until they reach the age of independence. A breastfeeding Mom who can take lunch breaks and hire a nanny should keep her newborn infant at home. Young infants need someone who is constantly present with them.
  • One Year to 2 Years- This milestone is considered the most difficult. However, the toddler needs less attention and more autonomy. For parents working from home, you are doing yourself and your child a service if you enlist help. You don’t need to send them to daycare full-time even. If you feel like they are not interested in toilet training, an early childhood teacher will help encourage their toileting habits. If they are an only child, daycare will help them adjust to a classroom later in life and give them a social life.

Potty Trainers and Preschoolers

  • Two Years to Three Years- Children two years or older may benefit from attending daycare. If you are concerned about routines or potty training, daycare may assist your two-year-old to get on a routine. A daycare may also be able to give you insight into their behavior. Children attending daycare solely for early childhood education only need to stay for three hours in the morning or afternoon. Children under the age of three will learn their colors, numbers, letter, nursery rhymes, and more.
  • Three Years to Four Years- Children around the age of three are ready to enter Preschool. Your child may begin Pre-K at the age of three and one-half years, depending on their maturity and birthday. Some children will attend Preschool around the age of four even if their peers move onto Pre-K. [Note: Depending on where you live, Pre-K may be considered 4K or VPK. Some places have 5K classes for five-year-olds too young to attend kindergarten.] Their teacher will let you know whether they are ready for 4K or 5K. 
  • Four Years to Five Years- By the age of Four, children need to enroll in early education. If your child is learning from home, they need a regular group of friends they can play with to develop social skills. [Note: Children need to begin socializing by the age of three for maximum success.] If your child has been attending Preschool for a year or two, they may be ready to start kindergarten at the age of four. Usually, four-year-olds attend kindergarten if they have already been in 4K for a year and turn five near the beginning of the school year. Some teachers recommend that your child stays in Preschool one more year if they turn five after the start of the school year.

You never want to push your child to advance too quickly, but by entering Preschool at an early age it will help assist your child’s behavioral, mental, and social development. There are important milestones that parents need to know. Children need to enter kindergarten if they turn five before the end of a school year. If they turn five between school years, they can wait an extra year. You and your Preschool teacher can work together to find the best time to start the school year for your child. If you have any questions about Early Childhood daycares, feel free to call Triangle Learning Center.