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Christian Daycare
Choosing A Good Christian Daycare

When choosing a Christian daycare, it is normal to feel nervous. You want your child to be safe, feel loved, and receive a proper education. If your family is looking for a Christian daycare, you may not realize that all daycares are not the same. Offering an atmosphere of love, attention, and acceptance indicates that the teachers and assistants in the facility truly care about your child. For a Christian daycare, this is extremely important because they are a reflection of Christ and the Bible. With Christianity based on an acceptance through Christ Jesus, love is a primary driving belief that allows the Daycare to show compassion towards all children. 

With that in mind, here are a few things to look at when choosing a Christian daycare. 

Characteristics of a Good Christian Daycare

   Christian daycares should follow these guidelines:

  • The daycare must follow all state and federal laws or regulations. It seems obvious, but some Christian daycares do not have the proper documentation. You want to ensure your child’s safety. Visit your state’s department of licensing for past infractions. 
  • Daycares need current and quality curriculum; like Blue Manor Education, ABEKA Books, and Nest Learning. 
  • Every daycare needs a loving and inviting atmosphere. Visit the daycare teachers while taking a tour to see how they interact with the children. Most of the time, parents are allowed to observe the classrooms. Your child must connect with the staff. 

Not Every Daycare is Right For Your Family

Your beliefs are a pretty good indicator of where your family belongs. Every Christian daycare varies in teaching and practices. Some daycares allow families of Non-Christian beliefs to enroll, while others require church attendance. You must decide if you are willing to agree to their requirements. Determine how flexible your family is. Allowing your child to be exposed to children of different spiritual backgrounds will prepare them for everyday life. 

Think about the affordability of the school. If you have a budget, try to iron out the cost before getting attached. Discuss payment plans with the church. Some Christian daycares offer discounts or scholarships depending on a family’s income or child’s needs. 

If your child has special needs, you need to ensure that the daycare can accommodate your child. Find a daycare that enriches children with special needs education. The search for a Christian daycare with special education accommodations can be challenging. If you have a child with low functioning abilities, you may not be able to find a daycare that accommodates them near you. It is in your child’s best interest to find a daycare specializing in their needs.

If you are still having trouble finding the right Christian daycare for your family, ask what is best for us. Maybe a moment of thought or prayer will see you through. You probably will lean towards a particular daycare in the beginning. See who connects the best with your child, and then try matching your circumstances accordingly. Have more than one option that works for your family.

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